Is walking your dog a frustrating experience? Do you realize that leash, connected to your dog’s collar, pulling you down the block can cause a lot of tension down their spine creating additional stress- not to mention perpetuating that opposition reflex? This is just one of the many situations we can assist you with.

Tellington TTouch is a unique method developed by internationally known animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones. Based on compassion and respect for our animal friends, these techniques promote optimal health and behavior by building confidence and eliminating fearful or inappropriate responses. It is referred to as the Touch That Teaches.

The Tellington TTouch approach includes bodywork, tools and ground excercises. The bodywork area is made up of a combination of touches, lifts and strokes, all designed to induce a state of relaxation and increased body awareness. TTouch improves the communication between owner and puppy and can be of use in settling a puppy and improving confidence.

Helpful bodywork includes…

Ear TTouch: Gently stroking the ear surface can reduce anxiety, relax the puppy and help reduce reactive tendancies.

Mouth Work: Make small, light clockwise circles on the outside of the upper jaw. If possible do same on the gums. This can be very helpful for moutht puppies as well as reducing vocalization and emotional behavior.

Tail Work: Calm the tail, calm the dog. Working on the tip of the tail releases natural hormones (endorphins). Gently working the hands down the tail can also help the puppy be aware of where he finishes in space.